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"Healthy Balance with Dr. Marco"

Friends & Family Days

Tune in Noon Mondays of 2018

Tune in to this weekly informative talk about health, happiness, and Chinese Medicine.

Free?  Yes!  Totally free.  We want to spread peace and health in the world.

Each Monday is a different topic.  Watch the Friends + Family Days live or recorded on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/snhc1https://www.facebook.com/events/188015661783398/
or reserve your spot to come to the talk. 

Please call or text 860.536.3880 or schedule through the "Classes" link on MindBody. 

Your health, healing, and happiness are important to us! 

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Your health, healing, and happiness are important to us!



Friday, September 21st, 2018

Detox Footbaths & Handbaths


Reserve your Appointments   860.536.3880 


Detox Foot Bathsnhc woman


How does the Detox Footbath  or Handbath work?  The copper coils in the water create a charge.  The charged water pulls toxins out of your body.  Often these toxins are not able to get out any other way. Remove toxins such as heavy metals (mercury and lead).  A quick and easy detox!  Only $50  (Usually over $100). 

Pair with Ear Acupuncture for double detox + $25.


Live Blood Microscopy:  Gain a better understanding of your internal environment.  Learn about your body's health by looking at your blood - An individualized health education session.  Only $50  (Usually over $100).


Call  860.536.3880

Thermography / Thermogram


Friday, October 26th, 2018

Thermography is for both men and women.

What is Thermography?
Thermography is the measurement of heat using a special camera.  It is non-invasive and does not use any X-rays or compression.  With Thermography, we are able to detect inflammation in the body, including early detection of breast cancer.

Thermography gathers information and can detect areas of potential disease years earlier than other exams.  With this knowledge a person has time for appropriate lifestyle changes.  Thermography can be used to detect a variety of ailments


We are so happy to be able to offer this progressive technology for you right here!


Schedule your appointment by calling Dee DeNoia


#1 in the US!

The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine,

the graduate school Dr. Megan Marco attended continues to be #1 in the US!

Our Extraordinary Massage Therapists

We are so excited about our extraordinary Licensed Massage Therapists!

Our Massage Therapists stand out in their field --

they are incredibly gifted and talented.

Make your appointment to ease away your worries, feel relaxation, stretch tight muscles, massage out the kinks, heal, and help you feel more comfortable in your body. 

Healing for your body, mind, and spirit.

Available seven days a week,

daytime and evening,

for 30, 60, or 90 minute massages.

More availability than ever ~ more talent than ever.

Book your massage -- you will be so happy that you did!

Our Massage Therapists are also available to do chair massage at your business, or bring your staff here to get away.

Simply call or text 860.536.3880

email info@snhc.com

or book through mindbodyonline

For more information about our therapists

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Effective Affordable drop-in / Community Acupuncture -- only $25

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Fun movie clip about Acupuncture.  It's about the bliss.

The Allergy Plan

Treating Lyme Disease

Why is SNHC magical?

spa treatment concept japanese zen garden stones tao buddhism conceptual for balance harmony relaxation meditation wellness background harmony and purity stone stack sand pattern spiritual elements


There are so many reasons .... 

  • from the warmth of the decor, to the ambient music
  • our attentive receptionist Alicia
  • to the custom-made wide massage tables with comfy toppers, Tempurpedic, or far-    infrared mats
  • every room with far-infrared healing heat lamps
  • detail-oriented for your comfort
  • our drinking water is Vermont spring water for you
  • Dr. Marco uses Seirins, one of the most expensive brands of needles to be as comfortable as possible, combined with her gentle technique
  • high quality massage oils and creams
  • clean pressed linens
  • continuous training from near and far to give you top-notch treatments
  • confidentiality with high ethics and morals
  • all products are researched to provide the very best at an affordable price
  • as organic as possible
  • Chinese and North American herbal formulas
  • heart-centered, patient-focused, to give you the most relaxing and effective treatments, to heal you on all levels.

Acupuncture Updates

Dr. Megan Marco received her Certification in Neuro-Acupuncture.  Neuro-Acupuncture has proven to be the most effective technique for treating acute and chronic central nervous system disorders, including: Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism.

In addition, she is now trained by Snow Lotus on the Therapeutic Usage of Essential Oils on Acupuncture Points as well as for the treatment of emotional and physical health concerns.

Snow Lotus Essential Oils are now available at Stonington Natural Health Center.

Center Updates

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